aea n8 vs n22

The first thing to decide is how much room tone and natural ambience you want in your recordings. But even at 200Hz, the N22 is beginning to roll off, while the N8 shows a slight increase in its response. N8 vs N22. From a foot away (0.3 meters), there will not be an overwhelming amount of room tone – just enough to sound different than positioning it right up against the source. Microphones can be like artist’s paint brushes – each a magic wand with specific attributes that allows the painter to weave different colors and textures across a canvas. The 1.8-micron, 60mm (~2.3'') ribbon is the same as found in the R84 and R92, the new Nuvo N8, and other AEA ribbons, but in the N22 it is part of a newly designed motor. For the uninitiated — the N8 is the far-field companion to the stellar N22. If less proximity effect is desired when recording at close range, the near-field AEA N22 is an effective ribbon mic to complement the N8’s far-field performance. The circuitry following the transformer serves to lower the output impedance to 92Ω without applying additional gain. The N8 was designed to have equal treble and bass from as far 20 feet (6 meters) from the source. The AEA NUVO Series N22 and N8 Ribbon Mics look very similar on the surface, but their tone and functionality provide a wide spectrum of distinct and different characteristics and applications. In the end, what matters is the tone each artist is trying to capture. The ribbon in both Nuvo mics measures roughly 4.7mm x 60mm, and is made from corrugated 1.8-micron aluminum. For engineers accustomed to using other ribbon mics, the flexibility of being able to position the N22 right against a guitar cab can be mind-blowing! Potential damage from loud sources is of no concern, even at such a short distance, as the N8 can handle 141+dB SPL at 1 kHz. Because the midrange and top-end are not obscured by proximity effect, it also alleviates the need to blend an additional dynamic mic to add more bite. Knowing the difference will change the way you record. Unlike far-field ribbon mics, N22’s optimal distance for miking is between one and 18 inches (2 cm – 0.5 meters). The mics share identical electronics, but the difference in voicing, and thus placement, is achieved acoustically inside the mics, making for two tonally similar mics for two different applications. Each AEA microphone is a specific artistic tool engineered for a palette of uses. This is perfect for engineers who want the pure sound of the instrument with limited ambience. But these identical ribbons are built into different motor designs. The N22 houses a meticulously tuned high-pass filter which allows the mic to be placed right up against an instrument or amp without the use of an EQ circuit, creating a more nuanced sound than rolling off the low-end with EQ. Although looking similar to the N22, which was aimed primarily at nearfield vocal duties, the new N8 is intended for a very broad range of instrumental and ensemble applications, working typically in the mid and far fields. Now that we’ve told you how these two microphones were designed, it should be noted that all rules can – and should – be broken when it’s right for your situation. It is an active ribbon mic that retains AEA’s characteristic “Big Ribbon” architecture, within a modern product pitched specifically to the singer/songwriter market. (n/a mV/Pa; 20 - 8500 Hz). Depending on the sound you’re going for, a little room tone can make your recordings sound very natural.The N8 NUVO Far is also a fantastic choice for guitar amps, but sounds much more balanced. AEA Ribbon Mics and Preamps manufactures quality ribbon microphones and preamps that reflect your sound the way you hear it. They are all handmade in the United States. The more experienced the artist becomes with the special nature of each brush, the more proficient they are at creating increasingly subtle art. ©2020 AEA Ribbon Mics & Preamps, All Rights Reserved. The N8 shares the N22’s body and grille construction, although it has a black rather than silver finish. There are no application rules with any AEA mic (other than don’t use them to record canned air to emulate Joy Division’s hi-hat sound). Most traditional ribbons were designed for capturing sources from a distance. The further from the source you place your mic, the less direct sound and the more room tone will be recorded. Fortunately, the N22 NUVO Near and N8 NUVO Far are low enough in cost to make them easy to add to any mic locker.

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