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qn-��2Vm�hoH;�q��=��.VQ��)�Q��w��C��rȟՅQ��*b#r�8�����q_���A�8� _�кC��g��6��1��_ċ|aM�x��.�/> �p����K�fUhr�^)njAhlj)|67��dն��Kd*�G,��1M26��j+��`GN�g�e�� ��� 0000009827 00000 n 0000011110 00000 n << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 0000001531 00000 n 0000004141 00000 n The aim of the cultural psychology is to understand the way people behave in social set of circumstances, as well as the way they think about and feel about the broader social world. %PDF-1.4 %���� Cultural Psychology S TEVEN J. H EINE We are members of a cultural species. 0000001854 00000 n stream @N�ڀ�i��5c���F{f�TF��5.M��p�J(,����m�J��ZpeYG��?Q� 0000002454 00000 n Cultural psychology. (.�2j�㪅��l��ߙ�guF5�=����b��V�d�i�H�h����vT=�����M��"��j�"�u�-D�i�6#%u��D)g=D��U��L��%L,K�Z ���+�c���f��>�wrs�c�h�*ϩ!/��7D���fM��^��������v�Z�,�дKe�Uu�ד���M�w�vT��#}F(sZYg���t�I^ğ?�{�O�1���A�'������ߎ������ˌ�GJ��5{�e�Q�T�7�S�Q�ch_yc��u�Ô#y�O�K���F�*� jX�; endstream endobj 156 0 obj <>stream 0000008964 00000 n 0000003771 00000 n 0000004915 00000 n Cultural psychology draws upon sociological, historical, and anthropological theories of culture to identify the rich, varying, cultural-historical content of cultural and psychological factors in particular societies. Whether we are trying to manage our resources, woo a mate, protect our family, enhance our status, or form a political alliance — goals that are pursued by people in all cultures — we do so in culturally grounded ways. 0000008024 00000 n �~�6>]t�5�NzR[���ܡ5��G`{���Ñ(����E��ꖌ��PR��O����#j���e��b�iD�N����Ѧۀ]����M�0�Me���D�_�UԬ! 0000010163 00000 n {E-��dlH��~7��&?l��&���Aq|BcA?��n�����hI���Lۃr��8!�p�i�s�,��y�w�w}���z�2���O{�'8��-a �|1�ń��? trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 170 0 obj <>stream 0000005500 00000 n 0000026252 00000 n 0000010805 00000 n All social and emotional development occurs in a cultural context. �@�!Q��.#��MAQ=�)txI��� Culture involves shared beliefs and practices which unite communities and differentiate them from other communities. �%s$�P�G7^�-�+����_�P�~m�����,��̪;�7O"�өc".�j��c�[����� ��VD�:���鑅��j��Ч2�Ҡ频� O��B��P����(�+��;�`ÂO�JvVå���V6��}2ia:�&. 0000010517 00000 n �{+���M�pǥ�0��_X �2KKVRV�2޶�V�>�u���d}ջs�_�*�m���� ���� ���+U�b����F#��q��&"������ܵmhR�u >\ԩ,� �8]莓�]��.i�t��/����E�f�'TĿ�Z�wM�@���"�0�kt��Ktҟn�G�Ю��� H�|Tˎ�0��W�UU��$dP���ꢋ*��Ӆ7���m&C��ǘ�HSu������|Sl�py���u�-Ն���l�i2��Xs ��\Ӡ���f脢���� �l��G�IU'g��1:�E���ӈ�Lv0��n� ��V�F�Wi�%Qmm���ݑh[ 4 0 obj 0000011555 00000 n 0000001998 00000 n 0000017063 00000 n school of thought that emerged as an alternative to the theories and methods of more speculative psychology In the majority of such studies,the groups under study speak different languages and are governed by different political units”(Brislin,Lonner,& Thorndike,1973,p. 2“Cross-cultural psychology is the empirical study of members of various cul-ture groups who have had different experiences that lead to predictable and significant differences in behavior. 0000004743 00000 n %PDF-1.3 p������OX���[�l!���9Z��h���d�t���n�j�t x�b```����o��(�������'xX&��9�ڐ3�{���� �͌�I-o8��R����Ƞ�μ�#��F��~Gs��"�N�iZgb}�|�����nښ#��6Gᆓ@�"�@�UD�������� m2F\_.�����}��b�$ Cultural psychologists not only develop theories, but they use empirical research to identify which theories are good and can be put to practical use. %��������� 0000006330 00000 n 0000007145 00000 n ]�9�umz#��nkҝE����Ojhw�Al,SeTM�Y�/Yȱ��!��-4:�O4!E��y\�j`xsT�6,u��\���V���D�w����@e%T^C"��J��%C�� 0000003250 00000 n In this course, we will learn about these basic tenets of cultural psychology, how to interpret and evaluate relevant research findings, and how cultural psychological principles can be applied to everyday life. L��E:d{��'��#�v��곬@�ox}���T�;V� 7 ��cr�5|d'���VzP�/8i�Rky d��� That is, we depend critically on cultural learning in virtually all aspects of our lives. 142 0 obj <> endobj xref 142 29 0000000016 00000 n H��Tˎ�8��+�(/f8$�Fn�u&;�Y��99p�[�$jIʎ�d~7MҊ� Hd��eVuU5���G {���&woh�������4��"k�{����$��6��d�҃{���xN 8�?q�%w����"������S5Q��8+��1��.i���ߨJFUBF���i��*��qY-�jvh ����7�XG`�e�o��N�_��W`�n�]��ɛ���H��������*gM�ޞ������|j�"*V� � M��҂�U_�1��QL�Jy�v���)����mQ�*���/l�~�]� �[��! x�][s�6�~��c�J��4�y��qfw25;�LT5�5�ٲԎ�f�meG�+�e��~ ��M-%���s���U��~U��U��g����y[�f�~9�SUG����Z�������o��ߵ�6��~��U��v[�b����~w�j� ������F+�n������+� ��핁�6��/�J���������)�ܬ��m��F6S��m����%3�&��Z�����_z�f�U+�e��Ͷ�wm�Y��MW�I�2/�� ;ÿJ��fͩ��v��J��0E��-����������������sO�pON!A����I��;�*MK3�u�۪͡��m�����dVK��W��G���i�Y9��[|V�b��J�����h�����z-��e��z[�Lj�޺�W:�=< 虪z�Bի���z�ϡ*]�u��TJx�t�U� >D��M�!���z��Ϥ�����~$`�u����6��Z�l��2�Y_��f���ڝ���#���9�o���ۘ_������$^��*q��o��vAum4(�.�0��^0�_[�����no�[ n�{/ F�{�5�܋�+�p�&!H�O�{tt#�_����r��܊���#�9�Y������h��1_��t�'B,�]�\�z��+�'$�z�,��N�ξv@m�H����{�"�鞲 �@��o�h~ň׈{E\��Yt^��U�� �6�hׁ�E��e(k� ��5ŋ޼���������v���q�w����WY$n5�hŮu�K�\

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