dwarf weeping silver birch tree

An important part of the care of weeping silver birch trees is keeping the soil evenly moist. Plant a weeping silver birch in an area where it is in scale with the rest of the landscape and where it has room to spread to its mature size. Pruning cuts bleed an abundance of sap if you wait until spring. There are many varieties of birch with a range of bark colorations, some with grey, silver, reddish brown, or dark brown bark, but the white birches are the most recognizable in both residential and woodland settings. Peg Aloi is an experienced gardener and writer whose interests include the folklore of plants and herbs. If the soil in the area isn’t naturally moist, install drip irrigation under the mulch. These trees like mild summers that are not too hot, and are tolerant of cold winters. Water at the base of the tree during drought: three gallons of water once per week should be sufficient. Always mow so that any sticks or debris caught by the mower blades will be thrown away from the tree instead of toward it to prevent trunk injuries. The tree will grow 40 to 50 feet tall, and will look awkward in a small yard. Cut back to healthy wood. https://www.paramountplants.co.uk/blog/index.php/weeping-birch-trees The tree is susceptible to fungal diseases for which there is no cure, but you may be able to keep them at bay by pruning out diseased twigs and branches. The cut will stimulate growth from the side shoots and nodes below it, so it’s best to cut just above a node or side shoot. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. This tree likes full sun to thrive. Keeping the base of your weeping birch tree heavily mulched will help ensure consistent temperatures and humidity, keeping moisture intact even during drought. Generally the best time to prune is early winter (first week of December) but try to avoid pruning during or just before a cold snap (temperatures below freezing). Cherry Birch (Betula lenta) Cherry birch is a large tree that grows from a single main … Injuries create entry points for insects and disease. However, the weeping birch is available in a number of varieties, and some of them are smaller; Young's Weeping Birch, for example, grows to a maximum of ten feet tall, so it's possible to find a cultivar to suit your spatial needs. The root system is fairly shallow and so water will be easily accessible from the base of the tree, assuming the soil has good drainage. Weeping silver birch (Betula pendula) is a European species that is well suited to North American locations with mild summers and cold winters. Peat moss, coffee grounds, and pine needles are all soil amendments that can be used to make soil more acidic. The weeping birch likes moist soil and a steady supply of water, and is not tolerant of dry soil or drought. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, Fertile, moist, well drained, slightly acidic. It was also used in folk magic to ward off evil and banish fear. The tree can help stabilize such areas where minor flooding is a problem by lessening the possibility of soil erosion. It isn’t a low-maintenance tree, but it well worth the time you put into it. In Scotland, birch trees were often selected to be used to the annual maypole dances. This tree can also tolerate a slightly wet location, such as beside a pond or by a creek that overflows occasionally. The weeping birch can grow to be fifty feet tall, and its shapely canopy can spread as much as thirty feet, so it needs plenty of space in the landscape to achieve its ideal form. https://www.monrovia.com/plant-catalog/plants/5394/fox-valley-dwarf-river-birch Because the bark of this tree is somewhat soft, its trunk can be vulnerable to injury, and cuts in the bark can lead to pests invading or other problems, so take care when mowing grass. The weeping birch, like other birches, has both male and female catkins; the males appear in fall, and will stay on the tree through the winter and open in April or May. The canopy will spread 25 to 30 feet, and it should not be crowded by structures or other trees. The weeping birch is somewhat susceptible to fungal diseases; keep the tree well-pruned and trim off any diseased branches or twigs. Try to plant your weeping birch where the soil will remain cool and shaded, but the tree branches will receive ample sun; the east or north side of the house may be best, but don't plant too close to the house. It's not a suitable tree for a small yard, in terms of both size and scale. Weeping silver birch growing conditions include full sun and well-drained, moist soil. It isnt a low-maintenance tree, but it well worth the time you put into it. Weeping silver birch trees grow best in areas where summer temperatures rarely exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit (25 C.) and where the roots are covered with snow for most of the winter. Weeping birches may develop yellowing of foliage (iron chlorosis) if soil pH goes below 6.5. Twenty feet or more from a structure is usually a safe planting distance. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/weeping-birch-tree-disease-pests-25715.html A weeping silver birch is a graceful beauty. The soil needs for growing weeping birch are fairly basic: it prefers a moist and well-drained location with fertile, slightly acidic soil. https://www.ornamental-trees.co.uk/small-betula-birch-trees-trees-c183 If the long shoots make landscaping tasks, such as mowing, difficult, you can cut them back to the desired length. Lack of water can cause the tree to have stunted growth, a weakened root system or weak branches, so making sure it receives ample water during unusual dry spells is important for its long term well being. How to Grow and Care for a Weeping Willow Tree. The soil should never dry out. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! 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Similar to many other birch trees, the silvery, papery bark has a unique texture and a pleasing color in the landscape, standing out next to darker evergreens, oaks and maples. https://www.thespruce.com/weeping-birch-plant-profile-4847067 The common seedling grown Silver Birch (Betula pendula) has spawned many beautiful cultivars such as Betula pendula ‘Dalecarlica’ and B. pendula ‘Fastigiata’ , while other species have their own special features and traits. Small or Dwarf Weeping Trees for Landscaping (With Pictures)

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