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They’re also more efficient, creating more heat with less fuel, without compromising on style. Eco Design also referred to as Lot 20 or SIA Ecodesign Ready 2022 initiative is a new standard due to be implemented in 2022 that will test the emission levels of a wood burner in order to lower the particulate emissions in the industry, resulting in cleaner burning and more energy efficient stoves for UK and European consumers. This has a solid base. Other areas of compliance are not examined for the Ecodesign Ready scheme. With just a single air intake control this stove is simple to operate efficiently. The SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme is a Stove Industry Alliance initiative, recognised by the government in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy, that clearly demonstrates the members of the SIA are committed to meeting the five stringent efficiency and emission limits of the Ecodesign regulations now, rather than waiting for the implementation date of early 2022. You can find out more about the scheme by watching the clearSkies explainer video. clearSkies is an objective and independent emissions and energy performance certification scheme for stoves and fireplaces. The 9 Air is the model to choose if you have a well sealed house and need to fit a direct air supply. Ecodesign Ready Stoves. Saltfire ST2 Multi-Fuel Defra Approved Stove. Ecodesign is a ground breaking EU regulation, which will become legal in the UK (and ireland) in 2022. The three glass sides mean you can see the flames from more than one angle. Stovesonline LtdFlightway, Dunkeswell Business ParkDunkeswell, Devon, EX14 4RD, © Stovesonline Ltd. VAT: 801261871, Company: 04636920. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with this. However, this model has the extra side glass panels, which means the flames can be seen through the sides of the stove as well as the front. A stunning 83% efficiency and eco-design ready. The SIA website uses cookies to give you the best experience. The SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme highlights SIA Members’ commitment to improving appliance design so that their stoves are cleaner, more efficient and contribute to improving our environment through lower emissions. 4.2KW woodburning stove, 2022 Eco Design Ready , Defra Approved Stove S206L innonfire 2020-08-22T07:52:23+00:00 5kw Multi-Fuel, 2022 Eco Design Ready , Defra Approved Stove S106SS Launched for the benefit of independent retailers in the Stove and Fireplace Industry. The new Aga Ludlow continues the Aga tradition of solidly made and efficient multifuel stoves. The stove design industry is changing fast. The Opus Harmony PR can be partially rotated - so you can have a better view of the flames if you move to another part of the room. It's robust appearance commands a presence in any space. Private area for SIA Members and SIA Retail Group Members. If you only have a narrow space then this stove is ideal. Its small body makes it ideal not just for homes with lower heat requirements in general, but also other smaller living spaces such as a kitchen or studio. HETAS Ecodesign Compliant stoves and boilers have been third party independently verified as meeting the maximum emission limits for particulate matter (PM), organic gaseous compounds (OGC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as the minimum limits for seasonal efficiency. Our passion for design and detail have helped us create stoves which have Ultra-low emissions exceeding the Eco design 2022 ready scheme, making it a true environmental leader. DG (Dik Guerts stoves are all Ecodesign Ready and the DG Ivar 5 is one of the finest stoves on the market – I have one!). Ecodesign Ready stoves represent the future of wood burning. Click on the manufacturers’ logos below to view their Ecodesign Ready stoves. Airwash to keep the glass clear. Eco Design Ready The Ecco Stoves have been tested to the new Eco Design Standard 2022 for the Uk and Europe (EC models) passing with extremely low particulate emissions. A stylish compact and neatly designed 5kw woodburning stove with a good-sized viewing window. The SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme is a Stove Industry Alliance initiative, recognised by the government in Defra’s Clean Air Strategy, that clearly demonstrates the members of the SIA are committed to meeting the five stringent efficiency and emission limits of the Ecodesign regulations now, rather than waiting for the implementation date of early 2022. Browse through the EcoDesign Ready stoves below, and do remember we are here to help you with any questions. This verification of performance, along with ensuring appliance manufacturer literature and any material on … At only 422mm wide this 4kW stove is suitable for smaller rooms, garden rooms, lodges, boats and even conservatories. Best Eco-Friendly Multi-fuel Stoves A multi-fuel stove is one that can burn a range of solid fuels, such as wood, wood pellets, coal, and peat. Find out more and join today! Stove manufacturers are responding well to this and there are already many models that meet the regulations and hence are EcoDesign Ready. You can learn more about the significantly lower emissions and improved efficiency of SIA Ecodesign Ready appliances compared to open fires and older stoves by watching the SIA’s latest video – simply click here to watch. Explore the SIA Retail Group Member listing, with location and contact details. An eco-friendly multi-fuel stove has a slotted grate. The addition of a log store to the Broseley Desire 5 multifuel stove will particularly suit situations where there the stove is being installed freestanding in the room using a twin wall insulated flue system. Like the other Invicta stoves the Mandor is an efficient cast iron woodburning stove. Ecodesign sets out strict limits on emissions as well as raising minimum efficiencies. Our Eco Design Ready stoves create maximum impact while being kinder to the planet. SIA Ecodesign Ready Scheme is a new scheme to increase environmental benefits of wood burning stoves. For example all Opus stoves are already EcoDesign Ready. It sets much tougher minimum emissions requirements for energy-related products which have an environmental impact, such as wood burning and multi fuel stoves. The Saltfires are all Ecodesign Ready and burn beautifully (we have tested the St-X5 and Peanut Bignut thoroughly and the other ST-X and Peanut stoves are just size variations). EcoDesign Ready Stoves Ecodesign is an EU-wide regulation that comes into force in 2022. Consumers can also now look for the clearSkies Mark when choosing their new wood burning stove or fireplace. Available today, find out what it means for a stove to carry the SIA Ecodesign Ready label. The five measures covered in the Ecodesign Ready scheme are seasonal efficiency, NOx, CO, PM (Particulate Matter) and OGCs (Organic Gaseous Compounds). Registered in England, UK, Broseley Desire 5 multifuel stove with log store, we plant a tree for every stove we supply. The mark is awarded to wood burning appliances that meet the five fundamental requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 for efficiency and emissions.

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