edge pro stones

Edge Pro Replacement Stones and Parts. (you can choose your stone … We also have the fast working diamond stones available in fine and extra-fine grits. In Stock. $135.00. If you need other sharpening stone grits, be sure to browse all our knife sharpening stones above. Use our 400 grit aluminum oxide hand sharpening stones for achieving a fine edge … Edge Pro Super Fine Diamond Stone… Achieve professional looking blades with Edge Pro's Diamond Matrix Sharpening Stones. Item # EP-SMKNIFE. Edge Pro Sharpening Stones Edge Pro Accessory stones are made to be used with the Edge Pro Sharpeners. Edge Pro Diamond Matrix Stones are used for sharpening knives on Edge Pro and Hapstone knife sharpeners. Edge Pro Fine Diamond Stone. Edge Pro Polish Tape Blank Stone. In Stock. Item # EP-SCISSORS-PRO. Edge Pro Guide Clips. They are available in 120, 200, 400, 600 and 1200 grit. $25.00. In Stock. $1.00. Edge Pro Un-mounted 120 Grit Coarse Stone … $23.00 ADD. In Stock. Diamond sharpening stones offer excellent performance in sharpening knives of any steel.Matrix Diamonds consist of a 1.6 mm-thick diamond-bearing plate on an Edge Pro … $10.00 ADD. Edge Pro Small Knife Attachment. Edge Pro Un-mounted 1000 Grit Ultra-Fine Water Stone. $23.00 ADD. Edge Pro Super Fine Diamond Stone. Item # EP-GUIDECLIPS. $9.00 ADD. Edge Pro Scissors Attachment - Professional Model. The mounted 400 grit sharpening stone can quickly snap into your Edge Pro sharpening system without special tools. Resin bond diamond stones are perfect for steel and ceramic knives.

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