examples of reactive behavior

Notice which individuals (relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and others) tend to be around when your explosive feelings erupt. If you want the best life possible, you have to take proactive behavior one step further. Responding to stimuli in the world around us, then, implies recognizing and “answering” to it in some form. Hollywood movies lie to you. Some examples of reactive behavior are obvious, (such as returning a punch!) You take responsibility for your own life in the hardest areas ever. You are the one who makes the choice. Making more strategic decisions about your life includes at least setting goals, creating opportunities for yourself instead of just waiting for them to appear, applying personal core values in making decisions, and being aware that you always have a choice and that you’re the one choosing your own unique response. Yes, with time, the easy road becomes hard and the hard road becomes easy. She provides mediation, group facilitation and training to diverse, national clients. Additionally, the effort to restore control or dominance is based on an unconscious false assumption: that you can have control, or need to dominate, in the first place. I don’t even want to mention the financial industry and government. Well, it’s time for superproactivity! Success is hard work, not only having talent and passion and hoping that your boss will notice it. Like it is in love, so it must be at work. The only way for you to have sound financial future is to get financially educated, care about every dollar you earn and carefully pay attention to every dollar you invest. Passion comes with effort, with becoming good at something. For better management of conflict, it is a good practice to recognize your reactive behaviors or hot spots and figure out strategies for minimizing and managing them. When your child throws his blocks, say, “It’s not okay to throw blocks, but you can go outside and throw the ball.”. You just get better. One, you would quickly jump out, blowing away or beating the cockroach to get away from it. Now it’s time for you to become a superproactive person. Now we’re getting into the complexities of that harmful category of ‘reactive behaviors.’. Both happen more often than you think. To some people it comes naturally, for others it takes years of hard work. You might feel safe for a moment, but at the high cost of ruining relationships, escalating conflict, or setting yourself up for another fall. Examples of Proactive and Reactive Behavior Example:Another everyday real life example, Imagine, at home, you are busy cleaning your house and a cockroach sits right your lap. The first examples are emotions that usually get projected outwards and the second list are emotions that usually become interjected. From proactive and reactive behavior to superproactivity. They’re smart, beautiful, charismatic, you could eat them alive. I call it superproactivity. The ‘reaction,’ then, is rooted in the attempt to immediately fix, roll back, or undo any perceived loss of control or dominance. You would respond in two different ways. But they get their fees now and that’s what matters to them. But there are situations in life where we tend to be exponentially more reactive. It’s not about having talent and passion for something and then easily becoming successful and rich. You want to make the right choices in life that lead you to having more options. So what is this risky category of ‘reactive behavior’? It’s love at first sight, you go on the first date, everything works perfectly and then you live happily ever after. Media and successful people lie to you. To refresh your memory, being reactive means that you don’t take any initiative or make strategic decisions in life, you just go where life kicks you; and then you react to what happens to you, sometimes with positive, but more often with negative feelings. Blaz Kos helps people shape superior life strategies by: (1) employing the best business practices in personal life management, (2) teaching established psychological techniques to better manage mind and emotions, and (3) setting goals based on understanding market paradigms, the quantified self, and following cold hardcore metrics that prevent any fake feeling of progress. Get in touch with her via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or give her a call at 301-588-5390. Then, taking back the power area by area, become a superproactive person and reap all the rewards. There is no love at first sight that lives happily ever after without any effort. You can’t just assume things will go okay by themselves, because nature took care of it. But when you’re in a position of many options, you can easily choose the best fit for you. They surely know what kind of information consumption is best for you. In reality, however, it makes us vulnerable to every dip, bump, or discomfort in a relationship. Choosing the hard road means taking power away from nature, love, government, religion and social networks into your own hands. And go through all the crap (Criticism, Rejections, Assholes, Pressure) while doing it. Nature didn’t take care of either of them. The government will take care of stable financial markets and everything will go perfectly. Redirection. We previously wrote about his approach in June 2016, a deeper solution will come from confronting the unconscious assumptions, Website Designed & Managed by Cogo Interactive. People who save money are people who have options. The first step is to have all ten different life areas in mind: Now here is the list of “greater powers” that we usually hope will take care of things in our lives so that we can just lay back and relax: Now think of the three most critical areas where you’re really taking the easy road, hoping that somebody or something else will do all the hard work for you. That’s looking for the easy way. You also mention the importance of addressing some of the foundational issues around self. Perhaps a workplace colleague asks you a lot of questions about your idea and you perceive the inquiry as doubting your competence or authority. That brings freedom and that brings the ability to be superproactive in your life. Say you and a colleague have different strategies for accomplishing a task and you suggest they do it your way. We act back on whatever happened, trying to restore our sense of safety by reconstructing that false reality. Reading my blog, you’ve probably already developed the growth mindset, abundance mindset and optimal thinking. Some examples of reactive behavior are obvious, (such as returning a punch!) Your environment – country, city, home, office etc. Rather than identifying your discomfort, or querying for clarification, you say something disdainful. Proactive/Reactive Behavior Management.

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