ghost pepper cocktail

It starts out tingly and becomes hotter with each sip, which I personally adore. 3X cleaner and 3X purer than your average whiskey. This summer beverage will make you sweat but keep going back for more. Whether you want to use it alone (or as a base) for a simple bread dip or as the fiery marinade for your next delicious steak, this is one mixture that’ll truly light up your taste buds. This well-balanced and savory vodka is great for Bloody Marys or simply adding some heat to your favorite cocktail. At 2.2 million Scoville Hot Units, it’s 800 times hotter than a jalapeño and twice as hot as a ghost pepper—which once held the title of hottest chile in the world. Ghost Pepper Cocktail Photo via Scott Roberts Web. The cocktail is a balanced contradiction of refreshing and spicy. The honey whiskey and simple syrup tame the … Ghost pepper oil can bring a layer of sun-like fire to your cooking. The Ghost Pepper flavoured cola drink will be sold as part of a combo pack with the Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodle for RM8.90 (S$2.90) to celebrate Halloween. Our Ghost Pepper Whiskey is composed of quality ingredients formulated straight out of the Reaper’s Den. Here’s the recipe: Ghost Chili Pepper Infused Moscow Mule Ingredients. Naturally gluten free. What You’ll Need: Honey Whiskey, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Bhut Jolokia. 2 ounces Ghost chili pepper infused vodka Like its name suggests, HDC Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka gives off a kick of sweetness up front with a spicy punch on the finish. Distilled twice for an undeniable smoothness and a touch of ghost pepper that brings a flavorful warmth to even the coldest of souls. Scorching hot… This is one simple, yet super-hot recipe. Heritage Distilling Co. (HDC) created a … Fermented with 100% High Grade Corn.

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