how to get rid of ants in a snail farm

Rosemary, mint, marigold, and lemongrass can also repel certain types of insects and pests from invading your snail farm. If you are having problem hatching most of your snail eggs, check out this best way of hatching over 80% of your snail eggs. And I also know you know that prevention is better than cure. Also, treating the soil in your snail farm destroys the insect eggs buried in the soil. To learn how to effectively construct your snail pen, check out these 6 different types of snail house and how to construct them. Cracks on walls and floors must be sealed off. If you allow the ants to take over your snail farm, it will lead to the massive death of snails. As the temperature increases under the plain polythene sheet, it destroys many soil-borne insects and diseases too. However, there are problems too. To effectively get rid of the ants and pest in your snail farm, do the following; The first thing to consider, as you try to prevent ant invasion into your snail farm, is the construction of your snail pens. Yeah, we know, but it has proven to be very effective in sterilizing the soil against insects that attack snails. Sir please I’m sorry to disturb you. If … Learn how your comment data is processed. Once you manage to control the ants, you can more easily get rid of the aphids. Interestingly, most of these ants and insects that affect snails also thrive in the soil. You are expected to treat your … This way i can continue to produce high-quality content and keep running. Don’t forget to also sanitize all your snail farming equipment to make sure they don’t house any insects. Check for eggs as soon as your snails start laying. Is there a way to be part of ur group Pls? Pls can I use onions and garlic to drive away the ants without hurting my snails. 1 How do we prepare the neem water 2.Also please the preparation of the ginger and onions. We all know that there are some ants with wings that can fly. The trench could be a foot deep and a foot wide. Are they injurious? Remove Unhatched eggs from your snail hatchery, 7. 2. Tilling soil helps mix the snail faeces with the soil and leaves room for a healthy roaming in the snail pen. So, I am sharing these tips with you now so that you can go back and save your snails from insect attacks. With these three soil treatment techniques, you can completely get rid of ants from your snail farm. To effectively get rid of the ants and pest in your snail farm, do the following; Securely cover your snail pens with mosquito nets; Dig a trench around your snail farm and fill it with water; Treat the soil in you snail farm; Plant pest repellant plants What should be the depth of the soil in the pen. How did you construct your snail pens? If possible, wash the snails before replacing them in the pen. That way, the oil will not dry up easily. If you discover areas or pens that are prone to infestation of soldier ants, ensure that you spray insecticides around the pens once in two weeks. Ultimately, most of the farmers who suffer from ant invasion in their snail farm suffer because they leave leftover food in the snailery. By planting those repellant plants, those pests like a snake and other reptiles will not be comfortable to enter into your snail farm. Do we put those organic pesticides directly in d soil or around it? what is your advice on this. Do we have to check for the eggs daily? Please sir, my snailry contains a lot of little snails which I can possibly try to harvest to control pest. Sure you can, as long as it does not get washed into the pen. It requires you to cover the soil with a plain polythene sheet that traps sunlight heat consequently, increasing the temperature of the soil. Evacuate the snails and then treat the soil before replacing the snails. Sanitize the snail farm regularly to eliminate pests, 8. After heating the Sand allow it to cool down completely before returning your snail to the pen. Save a snail farm today by sharing this article with someone. Goat housing construction types and how to construct them. Good day our great educator, i tried joining us WhatsApp group but it is full. A quick way to get rid of ants on your farm is to make sure they don’t find a place to settle in the first. Allow the solid to cool down and water to the right texture before reintroducing your snails into the pen. My challenge is that my snails are already in the pen and they many. If after 40 days you still have eggs that did not hatch, make sure you take them out of the hatchery immediately. One of the problems many snail farmers face is that of ants invading their snail farms. The best thing to do is to treat the soil. Pest repellant plants are crops you deliberately plant around your snail farm to wade off pests. You will wake up every morning to pick up dead snails in your snail farm. By treating the soil, you tend to destroy every living organism in the soil. How does one use onions and ginger to treat d soil. There are different methods of treating the soil for your snail farm which I believe I will explain more in another post. Spring into action and eradicate the ants immediately. If you want to prevent pests from affecting your snail farm, you must sanitize your snail farm regularly. I’m sure you know that the more snails you keep alive using best management practices is the more profit you can make. Snail foods are mostly perishable e.g. Layers Feed Intake and Weight/Growth Chart, CLICK HERE TO JOIN LIVESTOCKING WHATSAPP & TELEGRAM GROUP, TRY OUR SPECIAL BROILER FEED FORMULAS FOR EXCELLENT GROWTH. It’s best to get rid of those ants once and for all. I believe anything good is worth sharing with others, please click on the share button now. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Before using any organic pesticide on your snail farm, first, harvest the snails in your farm. It sits possible to use block to build snail house, I know I use wood is not ok what of block, I prefer emails. Some pests are allergic or respond negatively to certain types of plants. Are the pens well covered with mosquito nets? Like other strong smells, peppermint interferes with their ability to communicate. This method is best for people who are into free-range snail farming because of the process it takes. 1. Thank u very much for the information. Remove all leftover food to prevent ant invasion to your snail farm, 6. By now, you already know that snails do most of its daily activities on soils. Use ant-eating nematodes, plant bright flowers to attract parasitic wasps and predatory insects, or find the nest and burn it or pour boiling water into it. Limit the quantity of feed and water that falls on litters and ensure that feeds are not kept in the … By removing the leftover eggs and eggshells, you will be keeping all those pests away from your snail farm. – Heating the soil directly under direct heat from firewoods. I have really lost a lot of snails as result to pest eg Ants. Whether it’s feeding, laying of eggs or they just want to bury their heads, it’s all done in the soil. If you want to know the kind of food snails like eating, check out these 7 categories of essential foods for snails. in the snail pen remove the snails and wash with water to dislodge the ants Peppermint Oil. All dead birds or animals must be disposed of as soon as they are found. How to get rid of ants and other snail pests from your snail farm. Actually, you will have to move your snails and then treat the soil before putting them back. The smell of broken or rotten eggs can attract ants and other insects to the hatchery. February 29, 2020 Mbazu Chibuzor Snail Farming 27. Identify the colony of these ants and attack them right there using a very strong or powerful insecticide. Make sure you secure your pen properly and follow the instructions in this guide Use organic pesticides to destroy snail pests. One good way to ensure that soldier ants and other insects do not end up destroying your snail farm is to use organic pesticides. I will advice you take out all the snails and then treat the soil with neem water. Additionally, feed and water remnants must not be disposed of or poured on the floors around pens. If those ants should fly over your trench and land in your snail far, subsequently, they will start reproducing.

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