kawai es100 vs es110

It isn’t astonishing that the ES110 is better than the Kawai ES100, as it is the new model. Harmonic imaging sound sampling yields accuracy in acoustic sound output. They are both really good digital pianos and you can’t go wrong with either. This was a bit disappointing as we felt that the lack of additional features meant that Kawai would have really concentrated on getting the best sounds on the ES110 but it is pretty much the same sound sample you would get on the models with hundreds of sounds. * … They both have a polyphony of 192 voices. Compare selected instruments. Please select the instruments for comparison. Compare selected instruments. As with Kawai's large console instruments, the F-350 triple pedal bar replicates the damper, soft, and sostenuto functionality of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano, further enhancing the ES110's acoustic piano-like authenticity. The key action on the Kawai ES110 is in my opinion better than the one on the Roland FP-30. Kawai ES110 vs. Roland FP-30. Kawai ES110 vs Kawai ES100. Notwithstanding, the two models share for all intents and purposes for all capacities and highlights, so they are extraordinary contenders. Then found a store that had a Kawai ES110 and Roland FP30 side by side to compare. The main competitor of the Kawai ES100 is undoubtedly the Yamaha P115 (although it now has its new version in the Yamaha P125).The Yamaha P115 coincides with the Kawai ES100 is the following aspects. Featuring the Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard with 88 grade-weighted keys and Kawai’s unique Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology, the ES110 delivers a realistic and highly-enjoyable musical experience. These two cost around the same price and are competing head to head on the market right now. Both have 88 weighted keys, with pedal and feeder. Product Comparison. Barring the concert piano sounds, It just isn’t as groundbreaking as Kawai claim it is. It feels more authentic and somehow more consistent. KAWAI ES110. Kawai ES100 vs Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125. * Available in matching Stylish Black or Elegant White finishes. Show discontinued series/models I was really turned off by how loud the keyboard "bounce back" was on the Kawai, if that is the correct term. It has a weighted keyboard that uses Advanced Hammer Action IV-F to provide the playing experience of a real acoustic piano. The ES110 digital piano offers the touch and tone of a fine acoustic piano in a lightweight and affordable portable digital piano package. The Kawai ES100 appears to be a simple digital piano, but looks are deceiving because this model has advanced technology inside.

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