maple seed dispersal

Check out the Full Lesson on Pollination and Seed Dispersal! The table describes the most common methods of seed dispersal: Method Detail Examples; Wind: Seeds have lightweight parts, wings or parachutes: Dandelion, sycamore: Upon maturity, the samaras In this lesson, we learn that: As the fruit ripens, an abscission layer forms between the two samaras. The pedicel attaches to the fruit at the apex of this union. Particularly for trees, seeds need to disperse away from the parent tree's canopy, where they have a chance of receiving enough light for growth after germination. Red maple-Dispersal biomechanics-The red maple fruit is a double samara, and the two samaras that form the fruit are united at their bases (i.e., seed end; Harlow et al., 1991). MAPLE SEED DISPERSAL - THE FINAL This topic submitted by Katie, Wendi, Emily, and Leah ( at 6:07 pm on 12/8/00.Additions were last made on … Maple seeds glide down slowly and can be carried by wind to land far from the tree it grew on. Sycamore maple seed. Seed dispersal prevents the parent plant from having to share resources -- water, nutrients and light -- with offspring growing up nearby.

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