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On 1 February 2013, McAleese announced his intention to resign as a member of Seanad Éireann. [18] Prior to becoming president in 1997, McAleese had also held the following positions: Channel 4 Television, Director, Northern Ireland Electricity, Director, Royal Group of Hospitals Trust and Founding member of the Irish Commission for Prisoners Overseas. She co-chaired the working party on sectarianism setup by the Irish Inter-Church Meeting in 1991 and its report (1993) was described by Professor Marianne Elliot as "the most notable" work of the Inter-Church Meetings. President Mary McAleese Mary Patricia McAleese Mary. McAleese's very high approval ratings were widely seen as the reason for her re-election, with no opposition party willing to bear the cost (financial or political) of competing in an election that would prove difficult to win.[42]. McAleese was born in Belfast in 1951. [29] Ahead of the 2015 Marriage Equality referendum Justin McAleese spoke for the first time about growing up gay. [59] On 13 June 2010, McAleese began an official visit to China. [8], McAleese used her time in office to address issues concerning justice, social equality, social inclusion, anti-sectarianism and reconciliation. [51] A reception held in her honour was attended by Ed Begley, Jr. and Fionnula Flanagan. In 1976, she married Martin McAleese, an accountant and dentist. [2] In 1980, he returned to full-time education at Trinity College, Dublin, to study as a dentist,[2] subsequently moving back, with his family, to Northern Ireland, where he practised as a dentist in Crossmaglen and Bessbrook, County Armagh. She was the second female president of Ireland. [12] In spite of some minor controversies,[13] McAleese remained popular and her presidency is regarded as successful. He served as a Senator from 2011 to 2013, after being Nominated by the Taoiseach. But look at the Synod, I have to ask the question: If I wanted expertise on the family, I honestly cannot say that the first thing that would come into my mind would be to call together 300 celibate males who, as far we know, have never raised a child...Let me repeat a question I asked last year when I saw the Vatican's lengthy pre-Synod questionnaire, namely how many of these men have ever changed a child's nappy? In August 2007, she spoke out against homophobia at the International Association of Suicide Prevention 24th Biennial Conference. Martin McAleese (born 24 March 1951) is an Irish politician, dentist and accountant who has served as the Chancellor of Dublin City University since August 2011. McAleese was the author and presenter of a successful BBC Radio Ulster series called "The Protestant Mind" which encouraged the divided communities in Northern Ireland to try to stand in each other's shoes. [69] McAleese had been eager to have the Queen visit Ireland, and the event was widely welcomed as a historic success. [57] She then addressed business leaders at the New York Stock Exchange to say Irish people were "as mad as hell" over the Irish banking crisis,[58] and opened the An Gorta Mór (Great Famine) exhibition with a speech promising that Ireland's foreign policy focussed on global hunger. She was also a delegate to the 1995 White House Conference on Trade and Investment in Ireland and to the subsequent Pittsburgh Conference in 1996. Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese Pic: Collins. [53] In November, she signed into law the National Asset Management Agency. She called for warmer relations between the European Union and Russia. He later worked as financial controller for an Aer Lingus subsidiary. She said "The process of Brexit has been like watching a political form of necrotising fasciitis as it has devoured time, effort, good will, patience, reputations, relationships, engendering huge volumes of work, of anxiety and again, no obvious end in sight.

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