meade lightbridge plus review

Yes, a redesign might look a bit like an Explore Scientific dob. We are astronomers at heart and truly enjoy helping fellow amateurs achieve success in the field! The Meade Lightbridge Mini 130 is a solid 5 inch device, is lightweight and relatively value packed for its pricetag. We placed the LightBridge Mini 130 on the observing trolley we often use for a laptop and were quickly in action with the 26mm eyepiece. This redesigned Dobsonian features enhanced stability and a travel-friendly design. Don't laugh, it works real good. It may be that the telescope structure is made in Mexico and/or the final assembly is done in Mexico with the mirrors still made elsewhere. Unlike hefty solid tube Dobsonians, the LightBridge Plus is easy to assemble and break down in minutes thanks to its open truss-tube design. Unlike hefty solid tube Dobsonians, the LightBridge Plus is easy to assemble and break down in minutes thanks to its open truss-tube design. I replaced it with a Baader Steeltrack crayford. A hand-adjustable variable tension brake allows for smooth, stable movement as well. Rest assured that our team of Telescope and Telescope Accessory experts will be standing by (800.266.9590) to support you for as long as you own one of our products! Is going from a Crayford focuser to a rack 'n pinion an improvement? Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Looks like $999 is the same price so I'm sure there's a "1" missing. Sign up for savings and product announcements. This 12" LightBridge Plus is a fast f/5 Dobsonian, incorporating high-quality Meade optics. I too am a happy LB owner, my optics are decent for a GSO mirror. But what’s more Wheelbarrow handles on the 12" and 16" scopes would be an extremely nice option. Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2008 It's funny how this is the only industry I know of where you pay thousands of dollars for a telescope and don't expect everything to work out of the box. It's not just a big telescope. I've got a 10" Lightbridge and I'm perfectly happy with it. Meade has also enhanced the Lightbridge Plus with vital accessories, such as a 2" dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser, 26mm eyepiece, aluminum red dot finder, and AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition. I would be greatly surprised if this was true. Glad I got rid of mine and went back to a solid tube 10". The dealer told me they are being manufactured in Mexico. I'm thinking someone forget to to put a "1" in front of the 999. You may as well have bought a secondhand premium. I think something inspired along the lines of product like The Dobson factory, Waite Renegade, Dobstuff or Obsession ect, would be better. I just asked a well known dealer if the Meade Lightbridge Plus was still made in Taiwan or if production had moved to mainland China. You can easily take this telescope to any dark sky location and set up in minutes. I purchased the 16" lightbridge and am very pleased with what I got. Been there done that, my 2cents, save yourselves it's too late for me. You have a choice between an 8”, 10” or 12”, and you can get the deluxe or regular flavor. There are a lot of very happy Lightbridge owners, me included. Also the focuser does not look like GSO's either. That depends on the quality of either focuser. At High Point all in stock orders ship within 24 hours, pending internal credit card approval. However once you splash out 2k on a big heavy LB16 and get started on the "sunk cost" mod death spiral you quickly end up with an overpriced, suboptimal, not really worth it dob. If anyone has taken delivery of one of these yet I would be interested in knowing what it actually says on the scope. Meade has said the LightBridges have been made by GSO for years. This 12" LightBridge Plus is a fast f/5 Dobsonian, incorporating high-quality Meade optics. Of course its lackluster accessories and the basic reflector telescope cons may not make it the ideal system for you but, it’s definitely not a bad one either. Going to four truss pairs to eliminate the sagging shroud problem is a must. Photo Gallery . Thanks for sharing that. Also, on the Meade website It has two listed at $0 - $999 and one at $999 and above. We want to get you into the observing setup that bests fits your needs. Meade LightBridge 8" Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope by Legacy Reviewer , Written on September 25, 2008 This telescope is first in it's class for quality in it's price range. One of the many benefits to becoming a customer of High Point Scientific is that you receive Unlimited Tech Support on all of the products you purchase from us. We're Your Connection To The Manufacturer: The net result is faster, more attentive service from the Manufacturer and an enhanced customer experience. The deluxe offers an improved finder, a better included eyepiece and a tension adjustable roller bearing for the AZ axis. If I was in charge of redesigning the Lightbridge series, I would change them completely. This redesigned Dobsonian features enhanced stability and a travel-friendly design. Throughout this review please keep in mind that I have only been observing seriously for about two years and this review is composed with limited knowledge of astronomy and written at what I view as a basic level. This lightweight, truss-tube Dobsonian requires no tools to set up or break down. The telescope looks very nice (photo 1). Like Thomas in Denmark above said Meade should do a complete redesign of the LB. I'm guessing they're probably not GSO based on two things. Meade are just being cheap and lazy. If specs on the website can be believed, the 10" mirror shows the specs as 254mm with a focal length of 1270mm. Meade has outfitted the LightBridge Plus with many other vital details, including premium roller bearings and mounted eyepiece holder, capable of carrying 2" and 1.25" eyepiece for your convenience. The LightBridge is made by GSO for Meade and currently comes in three different sizes and two different flavors. I would be greatly surprised if this was true. DSLR, Mirrorless & General-Purpose Digital Camera DSO Imaging, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Cloudy Nights, This is not recommended for shared computers, Mars RGB C14 f15 Average Seeing, 11/29/30. Astrozap Light Shroud for 12" Meade LightBrid... Apertura Astro Vision Red LED Flashlight - A-RLED, Imaging Deep Sky Objects the Fun and Easy Way, Apertura 60EDR & Field Flattener: Complete Experience, Celestron StarSense Explorer Telescope Review, Optical Coatings: Aluminum coated with SiO2, Meade 12" LightBridge Plus Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope. Meade has also upgraded the Lightbridge Plus with a 2" dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser, aluminum red dot finder, 26mm eyepiece, and AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition. Review of the Meade Lightbridge 16 inch Deluxe Dobsonian (by Jan van Gastel) Dutch version (Nederlandse versie) This is a test report of a Meade 16 inch Lightbridge. Surely with CNC and plywood instead of chipboard they can do better than this rubbish. Just skipping the round base and going for a square one is making the scope RADICALLY smaller and lighter, greatly improving portability. Several functions may not work. Meade has upgraded the original LightBridge design to bring you the LightBridge Plus! POS! Anyone seriously thinking of buying a 16 LB - don't.

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