pain from elbow to wrist

Lateral epicondylitis, also called tennis elbow, is the most common cause of elbow pain and refers to inflammation of the tendon that attaches the elbow bone to the forearm muscles used to extend the wrist … The reasons may be specific to the structures in the forearm. Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain Headaches Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain Lymphedema Multiple Sclerosis Neck Pain Neurological Conditions Osteoporosis Parkinson's Disease Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction Peripheral Neuropathy Pre/Post Natal Pain … In such cases, addressing the underlying issue will likely be needed for achieving ulnar nerve pain … Radial tunnel syndrome is a set of symptoms that include fatigue or a dull, aching pain at the top of the forearm with use. Forearm Pain (Between Elbow and Wrist) Causes The area of the limb between the elbow and wrist is known as the forearm. Injury to the elbow region or cubital tunnel or conditions that cause inflammation of the joints, such as rheumatism, infection, alcoholism, diabetes, hypothyroidism or tumors, can also cause ulnar wrist, elbow or hand pain. Pain … Although less common, symptoms can also occur at the back of the hand or wrist. Sometimes pain occurs in the region without affecting the upper arm or hand. The common cause of all these nerve compression syndromes is increased pressure -- usually from bone or connective tissue -- on a nerve in the wrist, arm, or elbow. The symptoms are caused by pressure on the radial nerve, usually at the elbow…

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