philosophical assumptions of quantitative research

the philosophical assumptions concerning beliefs, values, ontology, epistemology and relationality since research is subjective – even the most scientific, positivist, objective, quantitative researcher will make a subjective choice, for example, of which statistical All research builds on philosophical and theoretical foundations. You’ll remember from Track I that these are based on the Quantitative or Qualitative paradigm, your specialization in the program, and specific theories of business/management and information technology. Assumptions Underlying Quantitative Research Introduction Before researchers undertake a research endeavor, it is essential for them to understand the philosophical assumptions that underlie the method of inquiry chosen to answer the proposed research question. Philosophical assumptions derived from a paradigm that guides the design. Yet, proponents of each paradigm need to applaud both the existence of the other and the hybrid paradigms that inevitably are born of conflict. You will remember from Track I that these come in three flavors: Specialization assumptions derived from the school of thought whose point of view supports the research topic. All research builds on philosophical and theoretical foundations. On a philosophical level, there is irreconcilable conflict between the quantitative and qualitative paradigms. Although philosophical ideas remain hidden in research, they have substantial influence on research practice. PDF | This paper presents a framework within which to examine and compare the main philosophical assumptions underpinning management science methods. Differences between quantitative and qualitative researchers are often discussed in terms of differing paradigms, or worldviews that is, differences in the basic set of beliefs or assumptions that guide the way they approach their investigations. It is important to recognize this conflict, avoiding illogical compromise. Assumptions are ideas and beliefs taken for granted or accepted as true. Unit 1 Discussion- Qualitative and Quantitative Research Design For this discussion, compare and contrast the characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research, addressing the philosophical assumptions of both. The four philosophical worldviews related to research approaches include the Post positivism which holds the assumptions that are represented by the traditional forms of conducting research and focus more on quantitative research as opposed to qualitative research methods (Bell et … Philosophical Assumptions Underlying Qualitative as Opposed to Quantitative Research.

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