philosophical roots of qualitative research

It will therefore be helpful for readers to understand where and how we situate our approach within the broader field of qualitative research in order to assess its potential value for their own purposes. Company Registration No: 4964706. 30 – May 2009 . In this article I discuss the contextual and philosophical dimensions that gaverise to (post)qualitative research. Qualitative research has been informed by several strands of philosophical thought and examines aspects of human life, including culture, expression, beliefs, morality, life stress, and imagination. First, we build our argument to show that qualitative research is consistent with the philosophical roots of epidemiology. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. qualitative research; and; quantitative research. The goal of the qualitative tradition is a ‘deep understanding of the particular’ [Domholdt, 1993]. In other words, the various philosophical assumptions and theoretical orientations influence qualitative research in such different ways that they are bound to generate "contrasting set of criteria for judging the quality and credibility" (QUINN PATTON, 2002, p.266) of the research. 13-38). The roots of qualitative research lie in social and cultural anthropology, philosophy, psychology, history, and sociology. Background. I outline some emerging characteristics of (post)qualitative research and discuss its relevance to South Africa. In order to respect the multivoicedness of qualitative research, we will approach its history in the plural—as a variety of histories. We have provided a broad indica-tion of our ‘approach’ at the end of the chapter. Contemporary qualitative research has been influenced a number of branches of philosophy, for example, positivism, postpositivism, critical theory, and constructivism. Qualitative research does not represent a monolithic, agreed-upon approach to research but is a vibrant and contested field with many contradictions and different perspectives. reflecting a particular mix of philosophy, research objectives, participants, funders and audiences. In this chapter we explore the philosophical assumptions underlying each type and some of their characteristics. Philosophical roots of research methodologies. In Cartographies of knowledge: Exploring qualitative epistemologies (pp. Pascale, C. (2011). By understanding these different perspectives, you will gain a grounding in the issues addressed in the different types of research. Methodology, values and quantitative world-views in qualitative research in community psychology Brian J. Bishop Curtin University of Technology, Australia The re-emergence of qualitative research methodologies has great potential in community psychology.

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