spray booth compliance

Sprinkler systems, as regulated by NFPA 13, are one common way to comply … Spray paint booths are designed to keep the environment, your employees and your facilities safe. Spray Booth / Paint Booth: a power-ventilated structure that encloses or accommodates a spraying operation to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapor, and residue and to conduct or direct them safely to an exhaust system. That means it is up to you, as a finisher, to ensure your booth and your operations comply with … Therefore, manufacturers who use a non-flammable coating are not required to abide by the standard. Booths are manufactured and installed to contain all hazardous materials. NFPA 33 is intended for fire control for large-scale, indoor spray paint applications such as industrial spray paint booths. Every spray booth constructed in the U.S. that is used in a workplace environment is required to comply with OSHA regulations and standards, so it is important for spray booth owners and operators to understand that regulations are enforceable long after the booth is completed. Compliance and Custom Booth Solutions

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