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However, this is often more complicated than it sounds. If you work with an experienced, full-service product fabrication company, this process is less daunting. Common shapes are Bar, Rod, Tube, Pipe, Plate, Sheet and Structural and common forming methods are Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Cold Drawn. “What should I make it out of?” That got me thinking about how amazing it is that there are so many materials that can be used to fabricate with. One unique trait of some alloys of aluminum that must be mentioned is ANODIZING. Surprisingly, in some industries, plastic sheet goods are “welded” together during fabrication. Inexpensive and easy to melt makes plastic easy to cast, inject and form into any shape. Below is a list of some of the sheet metals, pipe, structural shapes, etc., that M&S regularly uses in fabrication. Fabric / Cloth – Another material not thought of very often in “fabrication”. A “miracle” characteristic of aluminum is that it can be put through a process that changes the exterior surface of the material. © 2020 Copyright Fabrication Planet - Everything Fabrication, link to Common Fabrication Processes for METAL. Soldering, cutting, casting, shaping, grinding, polishing are all unique in jewelry making but yet are still similar enough to metalworking, that the fundamentals still apply. As an American based contract manufacturer, we specialize in material development, thermoplastic material molds, 3D printing, custom machining/tooling, and design for manufacturing. A team of engineers can help you find the most appropriate materials for your needs based on their invaluable experience working with each material. I Believe YOU can change your life when you educate yourself to do incredible things if YOU JUST HAVE SOMEONE TO SHOW YOU HOW! This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Pacific Research Labs is a small-run design, engineering & manufacturing company. For this reason, it’s important to choose materials carefully based on your product and process. Steel – The most readily available material for the fabricator. Fabric is used in so many applications. You can and should explore different types of fabrication materials with an open mind in order to find the most appropriate material for your design. 6061 aluminum is more common for fabrication because it is more form-able, machine-able, weld-able and less expensive. “STEEL”, “IRON” and “ALLOY” all play a part in identifying the “type” of metal. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. We just made a boat that looks exactly like the rowboat. How to Select the Right Materials. Full-service capabilities, including assembly, Custom solutions based on your unique product and goals. Considering your material options now can help you refine your product design, identify potential challenges, and streamline the fabrication phase. You also have to think about your budget, timeline, capabilities, and assembly process, among many other factors. Fabrication materials lists can be really overwhelming unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Now we pour, spray or brush the liquid-glue on the towels. As such, it’s impossible to recommend any one type of fabrication material that works for every project. Alloy basically refers to the ingredients used to make that variety of material. Over-lap the bath towels and add more until the entire boat is covered with at least 4 layers thick. Now we have a strong lightweight carbon fiber rowboat. Casting 2. The topic is ENORMOUS, and more are added every month. Whether making forms, jigs, molds or temporary tooling fixtures, wood can be a very inexpensive material to use in many applications. That now becomes the most common material for small to medium boats. In this way, partnering with a fabrication company that offers a wide range of materials and that is willing to work closely with you to find the right material can be a major benefit. Just to add to the “confusion of life”… There are two more terms you need to know about. If you want to use the best types of fabrication materials in your product, you should start a conversation with a fabrication company as early in the product development process as possible. A common term used in steel and it’s “cousin” aluminum is “ALLOY”. Before you start a conversation with a product fabrication expert, however, it’s useful to know which types of fabrication materials are out there and what their potential advantages and disadvantages are. As an added little bonus, some anodizing can even be dyed, changing the color of the product without “paint”! Choosing a fabrication method suited to a given project depends on part geometry, the product’s intended purpose, and the materials used in crafting it. Composite / Fiberglass fabrication takes a lot more “set-up” because you must make a “mold” to hold the shape of the material and liquid resin until it cures, so it is not the most efficient method for making a “one-of-a-kind” product. PRL’s engineers have dozens of manufacturing options available to help you solve any challenge facing your product: CNC machining, custom tooling, 3D printing, thermoplastic molding, reverse engineering, and more. Engineering Department | Pacific Research Labs, Companies Manufacturing Animal Health Products, How you want the finished part or product to function, The fabrication has to be precise to avoid serious errors, Can be cut into shapes or formed into molds, The product can’t be too thick or too thin, Precise and accurate (good for tight tolerances), Can expand when exposed to high temperatures, Recyclable and able to be melted down and reused multiple times, Poorer dimensional stability compared to more rigid materials, An experienced team of engineers who are willing to collaborate with you and answer your questions.

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