wax begonia care indoors

To minimize fungal disease ensure your plant has proper air circulation. You can escalate treatment to more toxic pesticides, but consider this risk in light of the usually modest cost of replacement. They appreciate temperatures more on the cool side of the range, though, and don’t flower as freely in hot weather. The plant responds nicely to a trim, however: Pinching the tips stimulates growth and encourages bushiness. A plastic takeout tray with a transparent lid works well. Most potting mixes work well, ideally with 20-30% added drainage amendments such as perlite or bark chips. If the air is particularly arid, modestly increase the plant’s local humidity. Strip the leaves from the lower two inches. They grow well in full sun as well as in shade. They bloom in groups of red, white, yellow, or pink flowers, and some varieties are pleasantly fragrant. Read my article about increasing humidity for your houseplants to learn more. You can also grow begonias in the pot indoors with proper care. However, pinching the growing tip enhances the bush of the plant. Consider tenting the cutting to preserve humidity. Outdoors, they start up soon after the weather warms up each spring and continue to flower until fall … as houseplants, they can bloom year-round in bright conditions. They are true drama queens if they don’t get enough and will fail to thrive. Another best thing about wax begonia is they don’t need Deadheads. Their leaves are thick and waxy which minimize evaporation. When the roots are about a few inches long, plant it in a medium pot with potting mix soil. Even though the plants like regular moisture, they are mildly drought-tolerant (if the climate isn’t extremely hot). Even though the plant likes consistent moisture, they are mildly drought-tolerant (if the weather isn’t too hot). You may see browning on your plant’s leaf edges if it’s struggling with low humidity. Yes, this is a hardy plant that blooms every spring. Today’s hybrids are not like old-fashioned wax begonias. In this case, you have to toss your plant out from the soil. Cutting back leggy plants will let it regrow in a compact form. They prefer room temperatures and slightly moist, rich, well-draining soil with light fertilization. Fairly drought tolerant, but do best in consistently moist soil. Differences between varieties aren’t limited to bloom size or colors. Can bloom all year round in good light indoors. Wax Begonia Overview. Plant the cutting two inches deep in potting soil. Wipe off the condensation that develops on the cover. In the early morning, the sunlight is not strong and gives a freshness to the bloom whereas in the mid afternoon the sunlight and heat is way more stronger that may damage the bloom. Repotting isn’t needed too often to provide good wax begonia care. But for the best result, you should keep your potted plant in a place where it gets early morning sunlight and mid-afternoon shade. Remember: In the sun, bronze-colored foliage grows well. Growing the wax begonia indoors is so familiar. This is a bright beautiful indoor houseplant. You can skip that step and plant directly in soil. Toxicity isn’t as problematic for people: The sap can be irritating on skin, but the plant itself isn’t considered a danger. Low fertilizer requirements. The exciting part about this flowering plant is you can explore many series of cultivars. Tolerates repotting well, but won’t need repotting until rootbound. They are perennials but often treated as annuals to embellish gardens and balconies during the summer or cultivated indoors if you want year-round Begonia wonderfulness. There the plant gets protection from the hottest rays. The thick leaves make it somewhat resistant to pests, but they aren’t immune. Plant your stem cutting in the small water jar or a pot. If you’re not seeing enough flowers, consider increasing the plant’s light. The varieties with bronze foliage tend to do better in full sun than those with green leaves. Cut the plant back in early spring and grow them with fertilizer in the presence of strong sunlight. Water them once or twice a week to grow properly. Shelter the plant from the hot midday sun, and consider protecting the roots with mulch. The classic Wax Begonia has always brought welcome color to shady areas, but many newer varieties can tolerate full sun. Begonias aren’t too fussy about pH, but they prefer slightly acidic conditions. Planting in cold soil below 50ºF (10ºC) can cause stunting, as can excessive heat or prolonged drought. Variegated cultivars also exist. Wax begonias are so familiar and commonly kept that it’s easy to take their excellent qualities for granted. Needless to say, along with proper soil type they also need enough sunlight. Some growers put the stem in water to grow roots, but rotting can be an issue. A plant with green leaves favors a shadier spot. Another great thing about these low-maintenance bloom machines is that you don’t need to “deadhead” spent flowers. Poorly draining soil is often the culprit. To bring the plant out of dormancy in the early spring, place it in gentle sunlight to “wake up” before replanting. Innumerable flats of these sturdy plants are poked into the soil every spring to create lush beds of flowers. Indoor on a windowsill is a good spot. Paclobutrazol is commonly used by many large nurseries to promote compact growth, and Wax Begonias can react poorly to an excess dose. The plant’s ideal range is a comfortable 60ºF (16ºC) to 75ºF (24ºC). Propagating Wax Begonias allows you to economically create mass plantings or grow a hard-to-find color for an indoor centerpiece. The Queen, Cocktail, Ambassador, Victory, and Varsity Series are all popular. Remember that bronze-colored foliage is best in the sun, while green leaves fare better in shade. You can use insecticidal soap or horticultural oil to get rid of these problems. One sure sign is when you need to water more than once a week. It’s actually hard to beat these sweet little flowers when you’re looking for space-filling in your garden or house. Tiny sprouts should appear in about 10 days. Never let your Begonia sit in soggy soil! Foliage feeding, cause spotting in the fresh leaves of the plant. 25 Best Perennial Fall Flowers for the beautiful garden, 18 Low light houseplants That bring peace in the house, How to overwinter your beautiful geranium, Your email address will not be published. You can find different shapes of foliage and both solid and variegated leaves. They aren’t finicky about humidity and have few pest or disease worries. But, if begonias are planted in a container with proper sun and shade. If you live in a cooler region of the country, plant begonias in the full sun Don’t overwater the plant. Also, flush the soil regularly as it cleans soil from excess fertilizer salts and other chemicals in the soil. Allowing the surface to dry not only deters decay pathogens, it also helps reduce soil gnats. Specimens in direct sunlight tend to put out smaller foliage; shaded plants bloom less but have larger leaves. Monthly during the growing season with half-strength regular, balanced fertilizer is a good option. Growing Wax Begonias as House Plants With proper care, your Wax Begonia will live and bloom for 4-5 years when grown as a house plant. The seeds don’t need light to germinate. You can choose different shapes of foliage, both with solid and variegated leaves. Fertilizer provides important nutrition that is missing from the soil. Rooting hormone isn’t necessary but can speed growth. This simply means to run extra water through the pot for a minute or so. Read my article about increasing humidity for your houseplants to learn more. Keep eyes on, for mealybugs, and get rid of them by dipping cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and applying the alcohol to the bugs. How to Care for beautiful Wax Begonia Indoors [Easily]. They also flourish in containers and flower pots, so they make a terrific indoor plant as well. Two common issues can lead to flower buds dropping: Overwatering: Too much water is one of the most common problems when trying to provide good wax begonia care, and can cause the plant to shed blossoms.

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