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Esther is a Biblical figure who is most famous for pleading with King Xerxes to free the Jewish people. Born of slaves, a young Jewish woman named Hadassah (Tiffany Dupont) becomes part of the harem of powerful King Xerxes (Luke Goss). Skip to main search results Department The film starts with King Xerxes banishing Queen Vashti because the Queen is opposed to the King going to war. One Night With the King Tiffany Dupont Luke Goss John Rhys-Davies (2006) Chosen to be the wife of Persian King Xerxes (Luke Goss), Esther (Tiffany Dupont) saves the Jews from Haman. What can you do to help support this channel? Simultaneously, a close adviser to the king hatches a plan to exterminate the Jews. 1-16 of 120 results for "one night with the king". With lush cinematography, a mesmerizing score, and an all-star cast that includes Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and John Rhys-Davies, One Night with the King is a sweeping epic about Hadassah, the young Jewish orphan who becomes the biblical Esther, Queen of Persia. Download One Night with the King HD 1080 7.1 Leave a reply Who Was Esther in the Bible, The Book of Esther Movie, One-Night with the King DVD, YouTube One-Night with the King, One-Night with the King Actors, Watch One Night with the King Online, Esther Movie, Orphan Film Watch One Night With the King starring Tiffany Dupont in this Drama on DIRECTV. please visit our websites to support the channels click in the links below to help support this channel! It's available to watch. One Night With The King is an epic drama released in 2006 that tells the story of Esther.

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