why does edmund want to kill dynaheir

Edmund forgives Edgar for killing him as long as he proves to be noble. 10 days As a Wychlaran and a Red Wizard, the two dislike and distrust each other immensely, and of course there's the little issue of Edwin actively trying to kill her. His dialogue is different depending on whether Dynaheir is still in the party at the time of the attack. Based on where things were left, it looks like Mildred and Edmund, who began season 1 as each other's only family in the world, are about to go to war. Expected-----If Dynaheir dies after Edwin joins your party, he should either depart or stay, but it should not execute the same dialogue as if you agreed to kill her. However, despite the fact that their relationship seems destined to fail, when Ratched flashes forward after Edmund and Charlotte escape the hospital and go on the lam, we see that they've withstood the test of time (at least for a few years). But unlike Shakespeare's other great villain, Iago, Edmund does repent and tries to rescind his order to execute Cordelia and Lear. However, Mildred faces a difficult challenge in keeping her foster brother safe while he's incarcerated. When fatally wounded, Edmund even adopts the rules of social snobbery claiming, "If thou'rt noble, / I do forgive thee" (V.3.164-165). Edmund takes advantage of the credulous natures of both Gloucester and Edgar, and revels in the fact that he is able to do so. Before Dr. Hanover's violent death, Mildred and Betsy expose him as a fraud who was lying about his identity. Mildred also tells her the truth about her relationship with Edmund, which viewers learn in detail on the episode "Got No Strings." Early on, viewers meet a wealthy eccentric named Lenore Osgood (Sharon Stone), who wants Dr. Hanover dead. Other than her brother, Mildred's most important relationship on Ratched is with Gwendolyn Briggs (Cynthia Nixon), Governor Willbur's press secretary. Lenore is obsessed with killing Dr. Hanover as a gift to her son. Once Aslan is gone, the Witch will be Queen of Narnia forever. After Betsy frees Edmund from his cell, he threatens her life and forces her to confess what he's suspected ever since he noticed Mildred acting strange around him: His sister plans to kill him. At the beginning of the first season, we follow Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) as she cons her way into a job at the Lucia State Hospital. Rewards Edwin and Dynaheir Cookies help us deliver our Services. Realizing that Edmund is going to come after her, Mildred turns his threat around on him, saying, "You are the one who should be afraid. To say Dynaheir does not get along with Edwin is the understatement of the year. Edmund or Edmond is a fictional character and the main antagonist in William Shakespeare's King Lear.He is the illegitimate son of the Earl of Gloucester, and the younger brother of Edgar, the Earl's legitimate son.Early on in the play, Edmund resolves to get rid of his brother, then his father, and become Earl in his own right. In this small measure, he proves himself worthy of Gloucester's blood. Multiple times throughout the series, we see Edmund express discomfort with killing people who haven't wronged him. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. It explains not only why Mildred has been so hell-bent on helping Edmund, but also why Edmund is prone to violence against those he believes deserve it in the first place. That's one of the questions at play on Netflix's Ratched, the new original series created by Evan Romansky and developed by American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy. Here are all the gory details on the finale of Ratched season 1, and what they mean for the series moving forward. He confirms that the nurse murders were indeed a message, and after questioning how he knew where to find her, Mildred realizes someone close to her must have snitched. davycop, May 21, 2001 #1. Yea, reviving a dead thread. Mollusken Gems: 24/31 Latest gem: Water Opal. As the possibility of saving and reuniting with her brother slips further from her grasp, Mildred turns to Gwendolyn to be her anchor in life. In typical Murphy fashion, Ratched is a harrowing and violent story of a woman who finds herself forced to make desperate choices. At this point, a renewal seems likely to happen. Gwendolyn is responding to cancer treatments, Betsy has come for a visit, and the two seem to be living a happy life away from the problems that plagued them in California. Both Dr. Hanover's and Lenore's storylines touch on the dangers of obsession. The women spend much of the season as bitter rivals, but when Betsy confronts Mildred about her own deceptions, the women have an unexpected moment of bonding. Lear is happy to be in prison with his long-lost daughter. 3 comments. Coincidentally, it's the very hospital where a violent serial murderer named Edmund Tolleson (Finn Wittrock) is being cared for by Dr. Richard Hanover (Jon Jon Briones) and head nurse Betsy Bucket (Judy Davis) before it's determined whether he's fit to stand trial. Almost as soon as she reads the news story, Mildred gets a call from Edmund. Because I'm coming for you, Edmund.". She enlists her new ally Betsy's help, and it seems to be going smoothly until, well, it doesn't. I’m wondering why would all of a sudden Edmund want to Kill Mildred so badly? Approaches It's eventually revealed that Dr. Hanover's real name is Dr. Manuel Bañaga, and that he once attempted to treat Lenore's spoiled and cruel son Henry (Brandon Flynn) with an LSD-induced therapy session. However, if Dynaheir then dies at any point, he will initiate the dialogue as if you had agreed to kill her, negotiating your reward. His dialogue is different depending on whether Dynaheir is still in the party at the time of the attack. One morning she gets just that: a news story about a group of nurses who were brutally murdered. If The Ward agrees to help him, Edwin will join the party. Even when Dr. Hanover is forced to flee the hospital (put a pin in that), he brings Charlotte with him. When does dedication turn from an honorable trait to a pathological behavior? As we find out later, Edmund doesn't see the good intent in Mildred's plans, and instead interprets her attempt at a mercy killing as a grave betrayal. Edgar reads with interest the letter that Oswald carries to Edmund. Do I have to kill Dynaheir in order to keep him. Goneril and Edmund have planned to kill Albany. In order to prevent him from suffering an excruciating death at the hands of the governor, Mildred comes up with a plan to free her brother from that torment by killing him herself to ensure he has a painless death. Charlotte Wells storms into Lucia State Hospital before Mildred is able to carry out her plan. Mildred is slow to accept her feelings for Gwendolyn, but Gwendolyn is savvy and recognizes that Mildred's chilly attitude and prickly behavior is a defense mechanism she's cultivated due to her terrible childhood. 7. One thing that does seem certain: considering how things went down in season 1, Ratched season 2 is likely to be a blood bath. Spoilers ahead tl;dr: He wanted to get away from the planet and once in space he wanted to continue the mission of going to the next planet. If the party subsequently rescues Dynaheir, a while later Edwin will show up at a random place in the wilderness for a second time to attack the party. According to a tweet by Murphy himself, the show was Netflix's most popular in the world the weekend it debuted. The Witch says she will kill Aslan instead of Edmund as they agreed. If I talk to her and let her live Edwin leaves my party. Minsc and Dynaheir cannot be seperated a normal way. In my case right before the stronghold Minsc was complaining that I took too long and would leave so I restored to an earlier autosave and left minsc on that screen. I just want to mention that as one who grew up in a very devout Christian home (and still is) Buzz's answer is pretty much spot-on, specifically because reading this as a Christian, the allegory of Jadis as Satan is quite obvious. Edwin as a companion Edgar is outraged; he decides to keep the letter and show it to Albany when the time is right. Not only that, but he also wants to do away with the relatively sedate lethal injection in favor of the more violent electric chair. So, what could a potential Ratched season 2 hold for viewers? Likewise, when not taking on one of her violent personas, Charlotte is actually a kind and timid woman. Baldur's Gate Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Upon speaking to him the first time, he will ask Gorion's Ward for aid in killing Dynaheir. How this battle plays out remains to be seen, and knowing Murphy's particular brand of maximalism, the story could take viewers in any number of outlandish directions. 6. But although things appear idyllic on the outside, Mildred lives in fear of Edmund reappearing in her life. Things don't go to plan, and to make a long (and grotesque) story short, Henry Osgood ends up a quadriplegic.

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