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The Dry switch was designed by Yamaha specifically for the Revstar series and incorporates a push-pull switch with a passive filter to create single-coil like tones. Applied Acoustic Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4, Soft Synths & Virtual Instruments Reviews, Guitar Effects Pedals (Stompboxes) Reviews, MusicPlayers.com Photo Journal of Winter NAMM 2018, Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/G Digital Wireless Instrument System, Wireless and Electronic Accessory Reviews, Taylor 816ce Grand Symphony Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Yamaha primed the RS720B solidbody electric guitar for expressive, clear, bell-like tone, with its Bigsby vibrato tailpiece and a pair of overwound, low-output pickups. Finally, it was time to take it for a spin at a gig. We first got superb rock/blues tones with an Ibanez Tube Screamer TS7 set to Regular mode that were never muddy. By. The new, low-output humbuckers were clear and punchy but never muddy. There is a master volume, master tone control, and a three-position lever switch. The 720B is a superb guitar with high quality design choices, a great aesthetic, superb tones and excellent playability. Thick and punchy with no need for any pedals, this thing rocked! Review: Yamaha Revstar RS502T and RS820CR Guitars. We will discuss this more in depth in the Sound section. Yamaha took inspiration from the 1960s stripped-down street-racing motorbikes of London and Tokyo when designing the RevStar series, and the retro character instantly hits you. It’s a small shame that the Bigsby is finished in Chrome whilst all of the other hardware is satin Nickel, but it really doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic too much. The toughest question now is really just whether or not our spouse will allow one more instrument to come into the house! The Revstar’s neck fit like a perfectly tailored Italian leather glove in our hands—not too thick and not too thin. The neck pickup specs at 4.3k while the bridge is slightly hotter at 4.9k. Although the guitar weighs a little over nine pounds (4.2kg), it was very comfortable and well balanced off the shoulder and exhibited excellent resonance when played unplugged. With songs ranging from Gary Clark’s “Bright Lights” and 7Horse’s “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker” to Pearl Jam’s “Alive” and Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream,” this guitar shined in every way. The VT5+ pickups have a lovely, airy quality that permeates clean and dirty sounds, adding an excellent level of detail and breathiness to everything you play. Yamaha has hit a home run with the new Revstar series which was first introduced in 2016. After adjusting our stage volume, it was time to let loose. Great for vintage vibe, but not the right choice if you’re looking to playing metal or shred (other Revstar models have hotter humbuckers if that’s your goal). We used it with the Blackstar amp, mostly on the clean channel with our pedal board to cover the diversity of songs in our set. The body shape is something akin to a larger version of Yamaha’s SG range but with slightly offset horns for a more contemporary look and it works very well indeed, looking good both on a stand and whilst being played. For our review model Yamaha sent an RS720B, third from the top of the range, sporting high end hardware and design aesthetics. The aged bi… Yamaha changed the landscape of what quality at a low price meant with the Pacifica range and though the RS720B is not a cheap guitar by any means, its build quality and hardware far outweighs the modest price tag. It is 0.83 inches thick at the first fret and 0.99 inches at the twelfth fret. GOLD AWARD. Highly recommended. The guitar stayed in tune extremely well even with big bends up and down with the Bigsby tremolo. The combination of the mahogany body and low-output pickups made for some outstanding vintage tones. It should be noted that there are slight overtones that ring out from the Bigsby tailpiece. The binding, which runs along the entire edge of the body, neck and headstock, has an aged, tinted, cream color. Needless to say the GI team had high hopes for the Revstar series after hearing this! Yamaha also put its guitars through an artificial ‘maturing’ process known as ‘Initial Response Acceleration’, designed to emulate many hours of playing, allowing the parts to resonate together more freely. Also, there was none of that single-coil hum that can occur with some coil-split humbuckers. With performance that matches the guitar’s hot looks, this is an instrument that really impressed us in every way. The RS720B features a solid mahogany body with a flame maple top and a set-in mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. The design process behind the developmental of the Revstar line was collaborative and included people from musicians to architects. It has one of the most satisfying and inviting necks we have ever played! It’s a great idea and means that the technology can be applied to humbuckers and P90s for some really unique sounds. The Yamaha Revstar RS720B is solid-body, double cutaway guitar, made of mahogany with a beautiful hand-brushed, satin finished, flamed, maple laminated top. The top is flat, with a subtle forearm contour, but the back is heavily contoured for comfort thanks to a deep belly cut and very generous double cutaways. The ‘Dry’ switch works extremely well at cutting the lower end of the frequency range for simulated single coil-esque tones and remain noise free throughout. Rolling off the volume a bit we were able to clean it up a little and get some nice bluesy tones. The Vintage Japanese Denim finish was as attractive as the top we’ve seen on many pricier boutique instruments. The Revstar RS720B is manufactured in Indonesia. Yamaha came to the conclusion that, whilst almost every other product we use these days is designed this way, for some reason guitars are not and the results of that consultation are certainly interesting. Then we switched it to Hot mode and were able to really crank it up. All the hardware except the Bigsby is in a brushed satin finish. https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/.../yamaha-revstar-rs720b For this new guitar, Yamaha decided to do things a little differently and work with a leading external design agency for the first time in researching and developing pretty much every detail of the Revstar range. It has a Tune-O-Matic bridge and three-ply, black pickguard and die-cast locking tuners. By Chris Gill 21 June 2016. The neck has a 13 ¾ radius and was very inviting from rocking bar chords to fiery soloing on the upper frets.

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