zero glide nut

ZS-15 Slotted Replacement Nut for Guitars. Genuine Zero Glide ZB-2 Blank nut replacement system for Gibson Guitars - NEW. 6 left. Open position action is like playing with a capo. NEW Gold Tone Zero Glide Replacement Slotted Nut For Fender Guitars - ZS-7F. $28.95. Fretboard radius is not an issue: choose the ZerO Glide that fits your guitar, and the zero fret flexes to conform to your fretboard. Zero Glide Nut Banjo Comparison Video: Ross Nickerson Video demonstrating the RK R 36 with and without The Zero Glide Nut on the same day, playing the same song using the same banjo. Frets only, see our ZerO Glide page to … Zero Glide installation is available as an option on all our Banjos. The Zero Glide replacement nut ($30, direct) is an easily reversible and non-permanent retrofit for guitarists who may want to explore these benefits on a favorite guitar. One thing that adds to that illusion, the zero fret nut is a lot thinner at the exposed part than the stock size nut. Genuine Zero Glide ZS-26F Slotted nut replacement system for Fender J-Bass. The zero fret reduces string contact in the nut by 93%. We are on a mission. I’ve played many instruments with zero frets, and when they’re set up well, I’ve found them to be effective. 6 left. $28.95. $30.00. So, the forward edge of the Zero Glide nut sets back from the fingerboard in order to make room for the fret wire. Zero Glide Nut Replacement (Zero Fret Installation) for Guitar: I have a nice acoustic Seagull SM-6 that I love playing but the intonation is slightly off between the open C and D chords. The nut slot depth can have a great deal to do with intonation and playability, so I assume that there may be an issue in ho… 9 left. The Zero Glide nut system allows for the lowest possible string action, with precise string height. … Too many older guitars have worn nuts caused by the sawing action of bass strings. radd, May 25, 2019 #14. Zero Glide Installation Video. Strings glide freely on the polished fret, and return to tune fast and reliably.

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